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4 December | Conference: Embedded Systems
Embedded system’s market – one of the fastest growing electronics market’s segments. It offers huge opportunities for developers and suppliers of electronic and programmable modules, ready to use equipment and system’s integrators. At the conference we will presented embedded systems’ market, deferent models of work on this market, innovative technologies and new products. Participation in the conference will allow you to increase your knowledge about embedded systems’ market, acquire fresh ideas and plans of main market’s key players, and find new partners.
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26 - 27 March | Forum: «New Russian Electronics - 2009»
«New Russian Electronics» is informal society of Russian companies – developers and manufacturers of electronics (equipment, modules, components, embedded software), that are combined by similar set of valuables: innovations, openness to co-operations, modern technology use, integration into world’s electronics market, healthy ambitious, patriotism.

4 - 5 June | Conference: «Power Electronics - 2009»
«Power Electronics» - conference for leading developers of power electronics and senior designers

22 - 25 September | Forum: “Electronics manufacturing in Russia”
Forum “Electronics manufacturing in Russia”. Conferences within the forum: «Electronic contract manufacturing», «PCB’s technologies and и boards’ assembly», «Distribution of electronic components in Russia»

8 - 9 December| Embedded Systems
«Embedded Systems» - conference for companies that are embedded systems’ developers, manufacturers of electronic equipment and system’s integrators.

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